Circus Street Update for the Tarner Area Partnership meeting on 13th November 2013

1. The TAP planning group met on the 16th October and the developers of Circus Street, Cathedral, were present to explain the scheme and answer questions from the committee.

2. Cathedral have submitted the planning application to the Council and expect a planning committee to consider it early next year.

3. Before submitting the application Cathedral held a consultation event in April in the market building at Circus Street for the general public and a second exhibition at the Milwood Community Centre the following week in response to requests from Kingswood and Milner residents.

4. Cathedral made changes to the planning application before it was submitted in response to comments received by local residents at the consultation events. The changes include:

A reduction in height of the student buildings on the east side of the site and reconfiguration of the roof of the university library building.

An increase in separation between the Milner Flats and the new buildings along the eastern boundary.

A reduction in the height of the building in the North West corner (residential) from 14 storeys to 10 storeys.

5. Cathedral are aiming to start building the development in August next year. In the meantime Cathedral are creating a useable space inside the building for the community to use. The space can be used by the community for many uses such as:
i. Youth group meetings
ii. Community group activities
iii. As exhibition space for artists iv. As a place to hold an event

6. If you are interested please email us at or call and leave a message for Mel Hickford on our Circus Street answer phone on 01273 857849. Cathedral is keen that local groups get priority and also suggested that people might want to make one-off use of it for Christmas bazaars and seasonal events.

7. Cathedral are currently putting together a plan for the employment of local people during the construction period. This will include skilled local people and apprentice schemes for unskilled people. We will be working with local groups, City College and the community. Cathedral will hold an event to tell people about these opportunities and another to recruit people. This will also be advertised. More details to follow.

8. Cathedral are going to have discussions with Groundwork to explore how we can assist to deliver the project to improve landscaping in the local area, including Carlton Row and Nelson Row.



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